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I am very passionate about helping my clients buy and sell homes. Truly it takes a professional with negotiation skills, communication skills and a great deal of Emotional Intelligence to not only help your family make the right move but also be there for the contractual process. As a full time Realtor my dedication to you before, during and after the move will make a lasting impression resulting in you having a trusted advisor and a Realtor for life.

Please  connect with me  for all your real estate needs. In addition, you might want to ask me about my global marketing and networking services.


Lets face it there are alot of ways that you can find homes on line!

I strongly recommend you be my guest and search on my MLS right here where you input your own local search criteria or begin a global search or head over to, look for me Kimberly Fels as your Realtor and then enjoy the benefits of shopping online 24 hours a day 7 days a week with out any hassle from anyone. When you have questions or are ready go out and look at homes I can easily see which homes you are interested in and then we can  go house hunting!  Read more.


Have you ever considered selling your home or buying an investment?

Do you have a trusted advisor in real estate to help you navigate the market?

* It is important that you treat the sale of you home as a major factor in your financial success. After all a home is an investment that can help you reach a vast number of goals. Please connect with me to discuss market conditions & home values so that together we can make your next move the right move. Read more.